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Changing shape of universities?

In an effort to create a more articulate argument for why systemic changes are required in higher education, I’ve spent the last several months digging through resources, articles, and books. Most resources are not publicly accessible. Articles require journal access, books usually don’t allow direct links to chapters. It’s difficult to share or engage with those resources when access is restricted. I’ve been aware of Tony Bates’ work for several years…and finally took the time to dig deeper into his articles/book chapters. Fortunately, he posts much of his work on his site. Thanks for making your work available, Tony!


  1. I’ve been working on a Women in Lit Online course (that is, the online version of Women in Lit), and have been asking people far and wide how libraries are going to digitize videos and DVD’s. I’d like to be able to link to a full documentary, interview, reading or film, and thusfar have found only a handful of places, all of which are too expensive for me or my students to subscribe to. We need to be able to access all forms of media if higher ed. is to change.

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  2. David Wiley wrote:

    I hope you’ll put all those thoughts and work into an article for our upcoming special issue on Openness and the Future of Higher Education –

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