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Facebook vs. Google

Earlier this year, the short term future of the internet included a four company race: Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. Since that time, Yahoo has managed to successfully exclude itself. They are now best seen as an acquisition opportunity. Microsoft is still trying to figure out how it can apply a similar lock to the internet that it has (had?) on the desktop. They’re current philosophy is “innovation through blatant duplication” – revealed by the Zune and a rumoured Zune phone. Microsoft’s internet strategy is confused at best, retaining too much of the desktop model. They are trying to innovate, and given their financial resources and market presence, they shouldn’t be ruled out. Which leaves Google and Facebook as the two prominent companies fighting to define the future of the internet. Google is stable and consistent, reporting continued growth in their share of the search market and regular innovations (with odd, slightly embarrassing missteps such as Lively). It appears that Facebook has all the momentum right now. Facebook is where Google was five years ago – innovative, redefining the game, and operating on a different set of premises from its competitors. Most companies launching widely disliked platforms such as Beacon would be punished by loss of users. Not Facebook. They keep growing – Facebook is challenging Google for the amount of time visitors spend with the service.

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  1. Havish Thota wrote:

    Good analysis, I want to know what google would want to do now, to keep them above facebook on the network of networks! But Facebook has not yet figured out how to generate good revenue! atleast enough to compete google in all aspects! to be able to do what google can! I mean, even now we can say. if internet is the universe, GOOGLE is the GOD! Cause it holds controls more than any other conglomerat! My question is if Facebook does manage to get somewhere to put up a competetion, wouldn’t google go forward and push itself higher? I mean can Facebook one day be where google will be at that time? …

    Friday, June 5, 2009 at 8:21 pm | Permalink