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Monthly Archives: November 2008

E-Learn 2008

I don’t like powerpoint a whole lot. We don’t really have a good alternative for presentations. I’ve been experimenting with different approaches. Most recent is PersonalBrain, which I used for my presentation at E-Learn 2008 in Vegas today. The presentation is here.

Moving to neutral tools and applications

Common Craft has produced a short explanatory video on Microsoft Live. The internet is starting to look like the desktop in the 80′s – numerous companies trying to mainstream new applications through a new centre. Microsoft integrated a variety of tools into its Office suite, making it possible for many new users to try tools [...]

With Students Flocking Online, Will Faculty Follow?

It really doesn’t have to be said, but I’ll do it anyway: we are in a climate of uncertainty. Awareness of economic issues (cost-cutting, layoffs) is high. Online learning has the potential to play a significant role in this climate. Trends indicate a growing move to online teaching and learning. This article asks:¬†With Students Flocking [...]

Homeschooling goes mainstream

Education is being enlarged. More choices, more options. F2F, augmented, blended, online learning, etc are enlarging options for learners and educators to deal with individual, personal needs and contexts. Much like content is fragemented from large holding structures (newspapers, books, courses), the entire education system itself is breaking into muliple specialized choices. For example – [...]

High-Speed Internet Coming to Africa

I’ve been suffering connection issues (see my post here). Earlier this year, I was in Accra for Elearning Africa. The connection issues were significant there as well. Participants at the conference knew the importance of connectivity in advancing African economies. Yet the problem was/is huge. Many areas don’t have electricity, never mind internet connectivity. Still, [...]

If only we had something other than content on which to base education…

The hype around open educational resources (OERs) is growing to the level that web 2.0 inhabited several years ago (I recently posted a short overview of openness in education). The problem with OERs is that they are too often focused on content. More recently, a few educators have been pushing the concept of openness through [...]

Personal Learning Environments

Learning happens constantly. The formal education component receives more respect than informal learning. As content and conversations fragment, I doubt existing systems of education will retain their shape. The real opportunity lies in how institutions think about “tying together” the multiple learnings across our daily lives. Canadian Council on Learning introduces the multiple learning domains [...]

Higher Ed: Next Bloated Industry to Go?

With the financial world in turmoil, it’s logical for people to turn attention to other fields that are in need of change. Nothing like a crisis to force introspection that should likely be ongoing. Higher Education is often criticized for its bureaucracy. Now that governments and businesses are in “belt tightening” mode, we’ll see pressure [...]

The Future of Learning: Ten Years On

Stephen Downes has written an important paper: The Future of Learning: Ten Years On. I need to spend more time reviewing the specifics of future learning, but after an initial read, Stephen has created a valuable document that should serve as a discussion piece for detailing the direction of our field. I suspect this document [...]

Second Life & divorce

Any space in which people can interact (physical and virtual) brings out human nature. Our minds don’t seem to really care if something is real, observed, or imagined (at least this is the suggestion made with the discovery of mirror neurons). Several months ago, I was chatting with an individual who said her location didn’t [...]