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Social Lending

This afternoon, I presented to a group of masters/phd students on the potentially transformative impact of technology on how we teach and learn. The age of grand narratives – or even narratives of coherence – have given way to fragmentary information and interactions. Instead of making sense of the world through a grand narrative provided by others, each person has the potential to make sense of the world according a personal context narrative. The fragmentation of information influences society in more levels than media and news – education is feeling the effects as well (note the development of open educational resources and open teaching). And the financial field is also experience some (though limited) pressure for change through services/sites based on social lending.

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  1. Wiseclerk wrote:

    Gartner predicted that banks will loose 10% market share to social lending:

    I find this overly optimistic, but banks should consider how to deal with this new trend.
    Embrace it? Adopt it? React in another way? Ignore it?

    Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 5:03 am | Permalink