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Britannica and 1999

Britannica is hosting a discussion on Brave New Classroom 2.0. It sounds like discussions we were having in 1999 about whether technology was effective in classrooms (oh, and remember the “no significant difference” discussion?). Countries like India are not asking “is technology effective?”. They are using it because it’s the only way to meet the learning needs of their population (note their goal of offering 40% of higher education via distance (which suggests the use of technology)). We’re asking “is it?”. They’re asking “how”.
With that said, Britannica has put together a good list of presenters who will likely be able to redeem a poorly conceived and outdated discussion topic.

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  1. Bob Bell wrote:

    Michael Wesch / Post: “A Vision of Students Today (& What Teachers Must Do)” is well worth reading. Subscribe to his blog @


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