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Monthly Archives: October 2008

D’Arcy Norman is officially awesome.

If you read this site via RSS, you likely won’t notice a difference. If, however, you visit the site, you’ll notice it’s changed. I finally migrated from Movable Type to Word Press, thanks to D’Arcy Norman. He threatened an intervention and I broke down and faced my problems . Thanks D’Arcy. You are now officially [...]

Introduction to Emerging Technologies

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that University of Manitoba is offering a Certificate in Emerging Technologies for Learning. The first course – introduction to emerging technologies – starts November 17. From the course description (.pdf): “New technologies offer new opportunities for educators to increase learner engagement and improve the overall value of the learning [...]

Social Networks, the Next Educational Tool?

Social Networks, the Next Educational Tool?: “At last year’s Educause conference, in Seattle, educators pondered what to do about students’ technology habits. Should they try to change them? Accept that they’re here to stay? Try to co-opt them? A lot can change in a year. Many colleges seem to have moved on from the question [...]

Microsoft Office embraces the browser

Microsoft doesn’t really have an optioin: Microsoft Office embraces the browser. I watch how my children use software. Multiple devices (ipods, laptop, desktop, mobile phones) access the same resources (gmail, google docs). Microsoft still has a dominant position on the desktop. But the desktop is no longer our sole option for creating and sharing documents. [...]

Storytelling: Web 2.0 Style

Alan Levine and Bryan Alexander have published an important article: Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre (and a supporting wiki). When new faculty or training professionals encounter read/write tools (blogs, wikis, video, podcasts, etc) the initial excitement usually turns to “oh, but how will I use this beyond posting blogs for students?”. The [...]

Corporate Learning Trends & Innovations 08 agenda

Like Jay Cross, I’m looking biased and forward to our upcoming online conference on corporate learning trends and innovations. Jay has compiled an agenda for a quick overview of topics and speakers. Should be a great event! Sign up here.

Free Learning Events

Curt Bonk lists a variety of free learning events during the month of November. Online conferences and workshops are a great way to increase dialogue around key topics. Numerous for-fee online events exist – and I’m sure, will continue to exist. No-fee events are great opportunities to discuss/advance a concept and to bring together practitioners [...]

Connectivism Course (CCK08)

For those interested in the connectivism course, but haven’t been directly following the flow of conversation, here are a few links of potential interest: Live Session Recordings Main Site Course outline and weekly activities Moodle Site

Rhizome Project, or, what have they done with Dave Cormier?

Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations