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Looking to the Future: Higher Education in the Metaverse

I had an interesting experience yesterday – I presented to a group from Spain in Second Life. I spoke for 20 seconds and paused for translation. Then spoke, then paused. And then someone would ask a question and it would be translated to me. I would reply and it would be translated to them. The language aspect was interesting, but so was the venue. I have a weak tie relationship with Second Life. I go in every few months and play around for a while. Virtual worlds are important. Lots of innovative teaching and learning happening there. For some reason, I just haven’t fully embraced the experience. Chris Collins has just published a well-written article for people like me – Looking to the Future: Higher Education in the Metaverse: “It’s almost unfortunate that we talk and think about virtual worlds as a kind of “technology” application rather than as an exciting new laboratory, or as a giant sandbox to test new theories, or as a way to step into our collective and individual imaginations in a manner that we have never been able to do before.”