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Ethics of searching…

We don’t fully understand the impact of our transparent online lives. We haven’t yet had a president or prime minister elected that used facebook or myspace. We reveal things in these online forums that we might not always want others outside of those forums to know about. In the past, we had compartmentalized lives. I was a son, father, employer, husband, employee, brother, and so on. Now, those compartments of identity have imploded. If we’re active online, we are increasingly the same to everyone. Our communications flow into other spaces – an employer reads what we said to a friend on the weekend. Or a friend might encounter our professional interactions on LinkedIn. What are the ethical considerations of searching for information on a potential employee or applicant to an elite school? These are questions worth pondering. A growing number of schools are beginning to search social networks as an additional tool in determining enrollment suitability…


  1. And vice versa… a growing number of schools are emerging online using the Internet as the best place to market I think themselves even in areas of Katrina disaster youd think these areas would be the last to go online… Pass Christian University named after that area in Pass Christian Mississippi or I think its offers hundreds of online courses…Im not sure about degrees but online education is here to stay I think.

    Monday, March 16, 2009 at 2:33 pm | Permalink
  2. Jon K. wrote:

    Searching without some guidelines for what you use the data for (the real crux of the matter) is similar to doing a credit check to see if the student is likely to pay back student loans.

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