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We have the pieces…

We have lots of pieces. Content. Information. Knowledge. Social connections. Technology. These pieces are impacting education in a hit-and-miss manner. We read of implementations of SecondLife, or laptops, or mobile phones (we’re mostly done hearing about institutions implementing learning management systems – now we just hear about institutions moving from one platform to another). The missing piece? The whole. While that might sound a bit comical, it is our current biggest challenge. We’re squeezing the pieces into our existing model of content, information, and education. What happens when we start rethinking the whole system? One early example – from ACU: Connected: The Movie. The video (17 min) is someone cheesy in parts, sounds more like an iPhone advertisement than a video for education, and still tries to squeeze technology into an existing model. But, it’s an interesting look at how we can improve information access and interaction when our systems are conceived in line with our devices.
(link via TipLine)