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Are we getting dumber?

Predictions of the damaging nature of progress have been frequent since Plato has Socrates challenge the value of writing in contrast with verbal dialogue. Each generation has its voices that suggest our technologies are damaging our humanity. If you make certain predictions in every generation, I guess you’re going to be right sooner or later :) . I enjoyed reading Is cinematography making us stupid: “the Journal of the American Medical Association on the work on 19th century neurologists George Beard and Silas Weir Mitchell, who thought the pace of life and the effect of new technology was harming the mind and brain of citizens in 1800s America – echoing similar concerns we still hear today.”
The real challenge with too many false predictions is that we eventually tune them out…even when the prediction turns out to be true. Hmm. Where have we heard a story like that? Something about a boy and a wolf?