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New University Model

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a conversation with someone who feels universities are doing exactly what they need to be doing. We have an almost universal consensus that something is wrong and things need to change. Our happily little band of edubloggers has been building a case for change over the last 5 or 6 years. The calls for change are mirrored in more traditional sectors of society as well (wasn’t it Drucker who said universities would be obsolete in 10 years?). The problem, however, is that we are focused on what’s wrong. I think we get it now – it’s a system that doesn’t work as well as it could. For many different reasons. We all understand that we have a problem of sorts. It is a solution that we are lacking. Carl Wieman’s recent article on New University Education Model Needed reflects what I’m whining about: problem articulated, solution not provided. Still, it’s a good article that highlights ways in which universities are not serving society due to numerous changes in the society universities were originally created to serve. What we urgently need is some type of draft solution that serves the needs of all stakeholders in the education system.