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History and the future

I suspect most readers will be astonished by this statement: it appears that educational technology has a past, a history! It didn’t come into existence in 2000 with the rise of blogs, wikis, and such. futurelab – in History and the future – takes a look at various resources that address the history of educational technology. The posts notes, with some irony, that even the exploration of technology is somewhat bounded to the last 40 years. Perhaps there is limited value in exploring the development of writing, paper, and other means to convey information. But those topics are still worth considering. There is value in seeing the past…as stated in Harvard’s new core curriculum (.pdf): “General education teaches students to understand themselves as products of—and
participants in—traditions of art, ideas, and values.”…or “Students should be exposed to other cultures and other periods so that they can better define and comprehend their own experiences in the modern world.”