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New York Times Embraces Link Journalism

Teaching and learning as traditionally presented in the classroom is managed from a fairly singular perspective – the educator’s. Sure, books and readings provide different viewpoints, but often these were also selected by the educator. Perhaps the most significant contribution the web has made to society – outside of providing increased access to information – is the forced consideration of perspectives and opinions outside of our own. While we might not always take advantage of it, each link is a simple access point to a new perspective. We can build echo chambers if we so desire, but the ability to encounter random views and perspectives is valuable and worth pursuing in its own right. A similar occurrence in traditional media: New York Times Embraces Link Journalism: “In a traditional newspaper article, all of these facts and analysis would have been synthesized, but the reader wouldn’t have had the opportunity to read for themselves the source material. This post does what journalism is supposed to do — empower people with facts, understanding, and perspective about important issues.”