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What does it mean to be digitally literate?

Doug Belshaw applies his usual critical and thoughtful perspectives as he shares Ed. D. thesis proposal on What does it mean to be digitally literate?: “To have some clarity as to what it means to be ‘digitally literate’ will help move on the debates taking place at all levels in the western education system…Education has a pivotal role to play in society as it is the link between past and future generations. In the past this link has been relatively easy to achieve, as the knowledge and skills useful to acquire would vary only slightly within a generation. In the brave new world of digital technology, however, fundamental shifts in required knowledge skill sets and knowledge can occur several times within a generation.”
I’m looking forward to seeing more of Doug’s work. It is an important area that requires exploration beyond the hype and cute catch-phrases that currently define much of the conversation on digital literacies.