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Networking for your career

I spend most of my time looking at networks from the perspective of learners and educators. I find my own personal network for learning far exceeds any other information source (including Google). As I begin to follow/read different practitioners and theorists, I begin to develop in my own understanding – especially if they represent a related, but not overly similar field. Media, news, video games, communication theory, philosophy, and other areas contribute to my understanding of the role of technology for learning. But learning is not confined to colleges and universities. As this article states, the ability to form networks is vital for achieving personal and career goals. When I suggest how important personal learning networks are, I often encounter the statement “I don’t have time”. As this author states: “If you want to succeed you need to make the time”. She then goes on to suggest that we need to schedule time for forming networks so that it becomes habitual. I wonder how many educators regularly set aside time to consider the quality and diversity of their networks…

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  1. Kevin Shadix wrote:

    I’m running into the same “no time for networking” response from some of my colleagues in corporate training. My position is, how can we NOT afford the time? Whether face-to-face networking or networking via blogs and other 2.0 technologies, I am discovering how vital it is. Not just for building relationships and opportunities, but for enriching my own knowledge and growth.

    Sunday, May 11, 2008 at 3:31 pm | Permalink