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Writing, technology, and teens

Pew Internet has released a report on Writing, Technology, and Teens (.pdf). From observation, I think my children write more today than I did when I was their age. Kids are constantly texting, instant messaging, using MS Word (or Google Docs), interacting with text in game environments, etc. The quality of writing concerns many people, but the idea of thinking in text and expression of concepts via text is certainly not lost on this group of learners. As the report indicates, learners don’t see their social use of text as writing and they recognize the importance of writing and would like to receive higher quality formal instruction on the subject.
…and, as a compliment to the importance of writing, I find this to be a good document on the value of reading: What Reading Does for the Mind (.pdf).

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  1. John Krutsch wrote:

    I would have to agree to some extent because my kids do seem to be “writing” more but the key difference is they are not really writing they are talking with text. When we speak, it is usually in a more relaxed manner and can hardly be considered proper.

    Friday, April 25, 2008 at 9:15 am | Permalink