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Is knowledge representation becoming more visual?

Is knowledge representation becoming more visual?: “Emeritus Professor Alfred Crosby suggested that visualisation and measurement were the two factors most responsible for the rapid development of all of modern science.”
I’m not comfortable with the notion of “knowledge visualization” (information seems more appropriate), but there is little doubt that visualization plays an important role in how we make sense of abundance. A visualization is, partly at least, a form of aggregation, bringing together many individual elements into a pattern. In complex environments, we need to ramp up how we interact with information. As information becomes more abundant, we need to interact with the patterns produced, not the individual elements.

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  1. Scott Leslie wrote:

    I’d go one further and say that part of the strengths of the Web 2.0/loosely coupled approach has been to provide access to the data and then let people who own the context create the visualizations for it. Visualization moves from simply being “of information” to “knowledge” (or, to avoid that semantic quagmire, becomes more valuable) by being displayed in ways that *are* significant, and who better to determine that than the people for whom it is meant to signify.

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