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Shaping our Future: Toward a Pan-Canadian Elearning Research Agenda

I’m pleased (and for that matter, even excited) to announce an upcoming online conference – Shaping our Future: Toward a Pan-Canadian Elearning Research Agenda. The conference will run for a period of three weeks, beginning May 12. While our focus is on the Canadian context, I think anyone involved in research and learning technologies will be able to benefit from the conference. Registration is available by clicking on the “login” button top right of the page.

From the conference description:
“Canada is one of the only countries in the developed world without a national strategic plan to research, develop and harness new technologies for teaching and learning. E-learning, in combination with other forms of delivery, affords potential to increase not only accessibility, but effectiveness and enjoyment of both formal and lifelong learning for Canadians of all ages.”
Week 1 will kick off with a presentation by Terry Anderson, followed by discussion of Anderson and Buell’s paper Towards a Pan-Canadian E-Learning Research Agenda (.pdf)
Week 2 will have 4-6 presentations (titles/abstracts will be posted soon).
Week 3 will be a wrap up discussion on next steps forward

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  1. Vance wrote:

    George, your conferences are among the best on the planet, and model and demonstrate how educators should ideally relate to one another through freely reciprocal sharing. The leave great multiliterate archives. I often use them as examples in my presentations, and frequently refer to the archives in my writings and recordings. These are significant events in the spheres of education and connectivism and may there be many more.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 10:52 pm | Permalink