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Information growth

In case you were not aware, I will provide you with an important insight: there is a lot of information out there. And it’s growing. Faster. It is difficult to get a clear grasp of the amount of information currently in existence. Previous reports (such as How Much Information? – 2003) are rather outdated. IDC offered a report in 2007 on information growth, and now provides 2008 edition (.pdf): “In this companion to last year’s EMC-sponsored white paper, IDC again calibrates the size (bigger than first thought) and the growth (faster than expected) of the digital universe through 2011″. The main website also allows people to calculate their digital footprint.
The field of informatics (i.e. study of information) is not very developed. We are all impacted by information growth and development – in fact this is one of the areas that most impacts us – and yet we have at best a rudimentary understanding of the nature of information. Sure, we have people telling us information is exploding…that it’s overwhelming…and so on. But that’s a bit like saying the patient has a fever. I’d like to know more. I’m surprised at how little we actually understand of information itself, especially when considering the tremendous impact on our lives.

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    Speaking of information everywhere – did you know your posts turn up here: is this related to you, or are they just taking your feed (there’s no indication of where it comes from).

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