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Would you like a diploma with those fries?

With much controversy, deriding, ridicule, and some approval, UK has granted several large corporations (including McDonald’s) “the power to award the equivalent of advanced high-school qualifications” (see Would you like a diploma with those fries? and Graham Atwell’s commentary). I don’t think this is what most of us have in mind when we talk about expanding the classroom and seeking a more practical focus for education. On the surface, I like the idea, and suspect changes to accreditation will force many educators to rethink teaching/learning. After all, McDonald’s is exemplifying real world training and practical hands on activities. It’s authentic learning at its most authentic. I’m quite comfortable with those aspects. But, I’m less sure about the prudence of corporations granting equivalence diplomas. As various commentators have noted, education is a coming of age surrounded by the experience of critical thinking, ethics, morals, debates, and friendships…with the intent being to nurture the mindsets required for individuals to participate fully in society. I’m conflicted on this issue. I like the concept. I don’t like the implementation.

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  1. E-Learning wrote:

    Applying work with education on a hands on level is ideal. Look at the debate of College Vs University learning, hands on vs book smarts. It needs to be a well thought out process. People assuming rolls of manager without any to very little education is a wide spread phenomenon now. Award those who do hard work, penalize the people who just want a free ride./

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