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EDUCAUSE – San Antonio Presentation

I’m at EDUCAUSE in San Antonio. I’ve had the opportunity to watch a cattle drive, watch the San Antonio Spurs get severely embarrassed, walk (miles and miles) on the beautiful River Walk, and, of course, enjoy the local cuisine. I’m speaking later today, and have posted my presentation on slideshare: Curriculum, Knowledge, and Learning.

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  1. Mark wrote:

    Hi George,

    Just finished listening to the podcast at

    Nice one. There is an emphasis on understanding that does not come through clearly in your previous work that resonated with me. I have just two questions, both relevant to a book chapter I’m drafting:

    1. Firstly, I’m wondering about the relationship of connectivism to social constructivism. To what extent would it be fair to suggest that connectivism is social constructivism across global relationships?

    2. Secondly, in relation to Gardner’s (1999) ten years… might those in their first year of Gardner’s long journey to expertise benefit from, say, a classroom-style environment with a teacher or lecturer assisting them to create the initial nodes relevant to the subject of interest, and instroducing them to the major theorists and perspectives (early connections with experts)? I see connectivism at work in my own professional practice however I have already benefitted from a formal introduction to my field. I see elements of connectivism already apparent in the formal education I have experienced. Is this an accurate or valid persception on my part? If so, is connectivism partly a matter of degree?

    Thanks for your great work, which is both challenging and insightful!


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