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Making science accessible

Five plus years ago, as blogs and wikis were beginning their emergence from the technology field to wider use, I frequently encountered comments acknowledging their value for communication, but with a tone that questioned their practical application in classrooms. The concern of practical use has largely been settled as learners and academics alike have adopted blogs for learning, communicating, and connecting. Sub-networks of academic, school, and corporate blogs (sometimes created intentionally with a handful of prominent bloggers posting to a site or sometimes created through interests shared by bloggers and the resulting links of information exchange) are a viable means of staying informed of trends and interacting with colleagues from around the world. Youtube is crossing a similar chasm of uncertain application to education. While some videos are of useful (like the Stanford Prison experiment), most are of limited value. But new sites – like SciVee and TeacherTube – may serve to provide practical application to educators and trainers.