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Mobile phones

Apparently, there are 3.3 billion mobile phone accounts in the world. In contrast, I have seen numbers of computers range from 750-900 million. Which suggests that anyone designing learning without an eye on access by (or designed for) mobile phones is missing a huge opportunity. (via smartmobs)

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  1. Robert Gadd wrote:

    Hi George,

    We couldn’t agree more! We’ve spent the last couple of years working on new strategies and tools to “CellCast” learning content and interactive assessments out to learners using any entry-level mobile phone equipped with a voice plan and SMS texting plan. After months of pushing the boulder “up the hill” here in the USA, we’re gaining some traction here in the US but more outside the US including Canada, Australia/NZ, Europe, Africa and South America with several looming opportunities in Asia as well. Seems cellular coverage is everywhere and in most emerging markets, PCs may never find their way into the hands of learners but nearly everyone who wants a mobile phone can find a way to get one and gain access to the growing array of applications and tools that phone will support. We’re so excited, we’re changing our overall business model to try and capitalize on it all.

    Robert Gadd
    OnPoint Digital, Inc.
    Cellfonix LLC
    Savannah, Georgia USA

    Friday, November 30, 2007 at 3:23 pm | Permalink