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Email is dead? (again)

Email’s demise is once again forecast: email is dead?. The author states: “Email isn’t the only problem here, but its facility and omnivalence is. We use it for everything, from ultra-informal to ultra-formal: to broadcast announcements, arrange meetings, change meetings, share jokes, ask questions, negotiate plead and persuade, issue rationales and justifications, share documents, gossip, ping our social relationships, test the water, build common understanding, signify agreement and disagreement, sell ourselves, buy things, keep records, store key documents, ad infinitum.”
This is exactly why email is so popular. It is multi-use and a central point of launching for many activities. Email continues to play a prominent role in how I interact with others and with information. The ECAR 2007 survey (.PDF)indicates email as an activity far exceeds any other communication form (99.9% of undergraduate students use email daily…social networking sites: 81.6% daily…84.1% instant message daily…27.8% blogging monthly (p. 42).