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CSI and SecondLife

So, I’m happily watching CSI:New York last night. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be an hour long advertisement for Second Life. The idea of blending media is quite interesting – the show continues in Second Life where viewers can access the CSI island and participate in virtual crime solving, exploring New York, etc. There is a blurring of entertainment and advertising that I’m personally not comfortable with (though it’s certainly not new). Laying aside that small detail, the shift from passive viewing to active involvement in media is certainly welcomed. Ewan McIntosh provides a more involved summary with links to Henry Jenkin’s interview with the creators of the show. For all the hype of Second Life, it is still a fringe element (contrast a few million people in 2L with many billion in the real world. If it were a religion, it wouldn’t register on many scales). This type of crossover media event will certainly drive adoption and awareness of virtual worlds.

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  1. John Jamison wrote:

    I remember the days when we were told that the web was a “fringe element” as well. Then Online learning was “fringe”. The entertainment/marketing issue aside, I believe Second Life (and the hundred other virtual environments now existing) are precursors to something very significant, and well worth educators being involved and engaged. One major learning from my current Phd research into virtual worlds is that traditional educators are very quick to pass them off as “fringe”, leaving control of future development in the hands of those who use them for other purposes…like marketing.

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