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ADETA Conference

I’m at the ADETA conference in Edmonton, where I’ll be delivering a keynote tomorow on Living, Learning, Communicating in an Immediate World (10 am, MST (GMT-7). Other keynote presenters are listed here. If you’re randomly bored, the presentations will all be streamed live (leave everything blank and use 1001 as the Conference ID). The organizers have put much effort into extending the conference – each attendee has a blog automatically set up, virtual lockers for notes, rating presentations, etc.

I’ve posted the slides on slideshare.

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  1. Brian Straub wrote:

    Hi George,
    I was able to catch your presentation live at ADETA today and really enjoyed your summary of the development of understanding as it relates to current technology. Have you done any work with Denis Hlynka? I have taken several of his courses in the Masters program at U of M and find that there are many similarities in the areas investigated, and Denis does try to incorporate many of these new computer technologies into his classes in an effort to be part of the network culture. In regards to the incorporation of computer technology into education, how do you feel this new movement compares to the past movements of television, movies and radio as educational “tools”, as they all at one point were hyped to a state saying that they would revolutionize education?
    Thank you, Brian Straub

    Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 4:37 pm | Permalink