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Five Reasons Why The Mobile Web Sucks

Scott Karp vents: Five Reasons Why The Mobile Web Sucks. Comments from readers suggest the problem is not as dire as Scott states (a few lay suggest the languishing mobile web is a US problem). The reality is, however, that in spite of the problems of mobile web access, people are still using it. It’s a developing concept that will continue to improve – a new genre of devices (ipod touch, iphone) helps. It’s important to recognize that criticism of current status does little to alter long-term progress. Remember the web in year 1? No images. No search engines. Limited interactivity. Access was very slow. But, sitting in a computer lab, reading a document on a server thousands of miles away, was proof of concept. It worked. Glitches had to be attended to, but the experience was sufficiently memorable to ensure long term viability.


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  2. Well, Mrs. Durff, you certainly have every right to unsubscribe. I’m curious, however, what the foul language was in the post…If it’s the word “sucks”, then you have an admirably sensitive disposition.

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