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Updating cyber times

Barry Wellman is king of the interplay between networks, society, and culture. He has been writing about networks (from a sociological perspective) for decades. If only he had a blog…
Anyway, one of the resources he offers on his site is an interesting differentiation of cultural habits, attitudes, and expressions: Updating Cyber Times – looking at “how much our technology and social relations have changed subtly in the past 30 years”. Spending a few moments on the site leaves one with a mild confusion of nostalgia and trends – of the familiar and the emerging. Quite a neat resource.

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  1. Thanks for liking my CyberTimes site. It aims to do exactly what you say, yet you’re the first to mention it. As for a “Barry’s Blog”, I’m ambivalent. 1. I do have some things I’d like to share, and I wonder if listserves do it. 2. My papers are usually based on months/years of writing/research — I may not have as many deep thoughts to share on a blog as you might expect. /BW 23Sept07, 0921EDT

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