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Relationships and content

While relationship-based tools are hugely popular (insert your social network tool of choice here), it’s pretty tough to be in the content business these days. New York Times has decided to close their Select service…Wall Street Journal is rumored to close their paid service…and Business 2.0 closes (the article also lists huge subscriber drops for magazines like Forbes and Money) completely. Part of the problem is readership (people can get content freely online). The bigger issue is advertising. Businesses are shifting advertising to the online medium – that’s where the eyeballs are. Need I say it again? Ah, might as well: Education has much to learn from media. Consumers, like learners will in the future, have a dramatically different relationship with content than they have had in the past. Textbook publishers, journals, and other content-centric industries need to take heed of these lessons and adjust before they become the next statistic.