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Students’ evolving use of technology

EDUCAUSE Centre for Applied Research has released a new report (.pdf) on undergraduate students and technology. The outcome isn’t particularly surprising: students use technology. Reading a few of the chapters (it’s a 124 page report), I’m pleased to see traditional institutions are taking note of what’s happening, and we’re building a base of data on which to make decisions. Chapter 2 of the report, however, basically says what edubloggers have been saying for five plus years. At least the message is getting out. See also the slashdot discussion.

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  1. Ryan Kudasik wrote:

    This article was informative and timely. I’m currently doing a major technology needs analysis and recommendation for my company (Armstrong World Industries). While the information presented deals with higher ed students much of it is applicable to a corporation. Especially taking into account that these students are tomorrows work force.

    Thanks for this link!

    Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 9:22 am | Permalink