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Beloit College Mindset List

Tomorrow’s Professor linked to an interesting resource by Beloit College called the Mindset List. The list explores the different experiences today’s students have/have not had compared to previous generations. While it’s futile to extend the list by suggesting it could inform how we teach (I’m thinking back to the digital native/immigrant discussion from earlier in the week), it does reveal the enormous differences in mindsets between faculty and students. But not knowing about the Berlin Wall, or not having lived without mobile phones, hardly provides an indication that generations are significantly different from each other in how they learn. I, for example, recall days without mobile phones. But I also recall the last 15 years with one. Technology enters society at a date, not at any particular generation. I’ve been using the internet (and facebook, blogging) longer than most students I encounter. Many educators/trainers I speak with fit a similar profile.