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Researchers question schools in high-tech age

Short article expressing fairly basic stuff we’ve all heard before – Researchers question school in high-tech age: “Dentists, doctors and other professionals asleep for 100 years would awake, he says, to a world where they would not recognize their jobs, much less perform them. But in education, a teacher could walk into a classroom after a century and get busy.”
Of greater interest for me is the conversation that emerges in the discussion. I had to chuckle at this response: “Auto workers, engineers and film-makers asleep for 100 years would awake today to a world where they could not recognize their jobs – now done extensively by or through robots or computers – and yet in child care, a parent from a century ago could still walk right into a nursery today and change a diaper and feed a baby – - And soooo… therefore… human babies should be fed and cared for by computerized robots…”
Regardless of how one views the use of technology in teaching, the comments reveal a very deep divide between those advocating for change (pedogical and technological) and those resisting.