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Blogging all over the place

Over the last few weeks, I’ve done less blogging at my LTC blog at University of Manitoba, and have decided to do weekly podcasts instead (my blog identity is too scattered). This week’s podcast: “In the 17th and 18th centuries, much of the learning and dialogue in society occurred in salons, coffeehouses, and taverns. Formal structures like the Royal Society (1660) conducted more focused explorations of knowledge and dialogue. But coffeehouses and other informal gatherings were important spaces for learning (even being called “penny universities” – a penny being the cost of entry). Then, as media and publication formalized, we lost our individual voices in the dialogue. We were – to misquote Kant – in a position of self-incurred silence where we permitted others to speak on our behalf. The self-incurred silence is found in the media of this last century: newspapers, radio, TV. Today, we are at a point of REenlightenment, where we are beginning to reclaim our voices in public dialogue. This reawakening has important considerations for education…”

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