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Microsoft has released a new search service – Tafiti (well, the search is still the same as previous, but the interface is built with Silverlight). I first encountered Silverlight when playing around with Popfly. It’s quite nice – loads quickly, adds great additional functionality/interactivity to sites. After a few minutes with Tafiti – saving and tagging searches – all sorts of ideas pop up/options/uses pop up. Clicking on the tree view gives a visual representation of key areas…and the user can drag the slide bar to “seedling” or “full tree” size. And then happily watch as the tree rotates (it’s really a rather special tree). I’m impressed.

One Comment

  1. Edwin Vega wrote:

    This is fantastic, very innovate compare with other search engines, but it need some tweaks. Like the scrolling I can not scoll down the pages with the wheel even when pressing down the wheel doesn’t work. Another thing is when I want to use Tafiti I have to log again, I wish it could be a better way, like keep it all the time.

    Saturday, October 27, 2007 at 4:38 pm | Permalink