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We (Learning Technologies Centre, U of Manitoba) have hosted two online conferences this year. Great response from attendees and I imagine we’ll do similar sessions in the future. But both were quite involved to organize and get set up. So I’ve been thinking about the unconference and barcamp model where participation and organization are dispersed from the organizers to potential attendees. To achieve this ideal state, I’ve set up EduCampOnline 2007 – an online barcamp running from September 24-28, 2007…no established theme – you, as attendees, set agenda and presentation topics. If you’re interested, head over to the site to sign up for a presentation, suggest themes you would like to explore, ways to organize the conference, what we can do to make it more engaging, etc. The site is a bit slow…password is c4mp .


  1. I think we’re all thinking along the same lines today :-) I posted earlier about my experiences in setting up unconferences, including a BarCamp for 150 people and a few educational versions, too. The ideas there might help get the ball rolling:

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  2. Hi Ewan – thanks for the comment. As I was searching for resources on this…I came across an unconference you were involved with (Scottish learning, I think). I appreciate your link…and will add it to the EduCampOnline Wiki.

    Take care

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  3. Lynn wrote:

    Sounds good. I’ve put a link on my blog. Did you notice that when you log in a warning message re the sites security certificate comes up?

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  4. Hi Lynn – thanks. Yes, I noticed the problem with the certificate…

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