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inattentive trust building : passive trust building : network connectivity

Similar to the concept of parallel conversations I wrote about earlier this year: inattentive trust building : passive trust building : network connectivity: “There is a theory that a significant part of trust building occurs outside of the time when someone is “attentive” to you.
When you and I are talking and we are interacting that only builds a certain type of relationship or trust. The real depth of trust building comes as I observe how people act not with me but others…Direct online interaction robs the very important inattentive trust building components to relationships. Twitter, facebook, etc. provide a unique window into watching someone without paying direct attention to them.”
See also Thomas Vander Wal’s post on Sharing and Following/Listening in the Social Web, which discusses the shift from broad line listening and sharing online to more “granular” (think twitter).

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  1. Jim Krugh wrote:

    Good Morning,
    As I was waiting for a call to substitute teach, I came across the July 2007 Natiional Geographic and I re-read the piece on “Swarm Theory”. I thought it was fascinating.
    Imagine, organisms that don’t think and lack intellect but still work to the benefit of of the group. Albeit, simplistic by human standards, that is quite a concept. HHHMMM…

    Monday, October 27, 2008 at 11:02 am | Permalink