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Museum 2.0

I continue to stress about the “2.0′ing” of everything, but I’ve been following the Museum 2.0 blog recent – great ideas being presented. Museums, like education, news, and any other content-focused industry, is in the midst of significant changes. How do we engage our audience/visitors/students? How do we foster interaction around our objects/content? To what degree do we foster interaction…and to what degree do we seek to move learners toward an intended outcome? Shared challenges and many opportunities to learn from each other. Consider this post from Museum 2.0:

…the evolution of object-centered museums, the “treasure troves” to include more diverse interpretation and presentation styles to promote contextual, multi-sensory understanding of the artifacts. But by repackaging object-centered museums for appreciation by non-experts, they may lose the essential spooky wonder that made the objects so captivating to the original audience. An over-emphasis on interpretation can distort the power of contemplative exploration of objects; instead of offering a distinct experience from other kinds of museums, the new interpretative museum just offers the same packaging of distinct stuff.

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