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Libraries and Facebook

As educators, we are often drawn to tools and spaces that have a high level of activity. If everyone has a mobile phone, we explore ways to teach with the phone. Or a large percentage of our student population has a Facebook account, we start looking for ways to use Facebook for teaching. I’m not sure our learners always agree with our urge to use their tools of communication for our goals of teaching and learning. It’s a challenging line to walk – to what degree do we try and educate in the spaces in which our learners exist…or to what degree do we want our learners to come to our space (school, LMS)? Libraries and Facebook: “More librarians, however, felt that Facebook should serve as a space exclusively for students and that librarians, professors, administrators, police, and other uninvited folks should keep out.”

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  1. Sorry to come back to this so late in the day, but I reckon there’s a line to be drawn between using a tool and learning from it. What is it that makes Facebook so appealing to learners and what can we draw from that to inform our pedagogy?

    Whenever schools have tried to use the Bebo or MySpace spaces of their students, students have reacted. This is their social space, not their school space, and they want the difference.

    That doesn’t stop us, though, taking lessons from these places.

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