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The web is dead; long live the web

We are due for some serious criticism of web 2.0, user-created content, wisdom of the crowds, and all that fun stuff. Conferences, instructional designers, bloggers, newspapers, etc. are consumed with these tools. I personally have high hopes for collaborative social software…but blind use and adoption without understanding the nuances of the tools and the implications they create isn’t the way forward. The web is dead; long live the web is not a great critique of web 2.0…but at least it’s an attempt. As with any network, diverse nodes (even contradictory) are important. One dimensional views (the techno-evangelical zeal of “we have found the answer in blogs, wikis”) require the presence of an opposing view to foster critical thinking. In the end, we may well still settle on blogs/wikis/social software…but at least we will have done so through significant thinking, not blind acceptance.