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Is print dying?

Bill Tripp links to an article on the print death watch: “A small handful of publishers made recent announcements on their decisions to cease publishing in print and move to sole digital content delivery.”

Doc Searls states: “The Static Web is what holds still long enough for Google and Yahoo to send out spiders to the entire universe and index what they find. The Live Web is is what’s happening right now.”

…and Dave Winer weighs in with: “Eventually new businesses will form out of the messy brew of sources, editors and reporters you’ll be supporting and in some cases, employing. The publishers and owners must also keep their eyes and minds open, be creative, no one knows the future, but there certainly is one, even if some days it feels like there isn’t.”

The challenges of media are providing valuable lessons for education. Any industry that has formerly viewed content as the key value point – media, newspapers, education, museums, libraries – are in the middle of a substantial shift. As I’ve stated with connectivism…and in Knowing Knowledge…content changes too rapidly to be our value point. Connections and conversations – processes which mediate and create content – coupled with context is the basis of our future knowledge creation cycle.