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10 Important differences between brains and computers

I’ve been harping on how the computer model of cognition isn’t accurate for a few years. Here’s an interesting article: 10 important differences between brains and computers – it’s an important article for starting the conversation on differences. Conceptions of the brain as a blend of networks and ecologies (self-organization) provide a better understanding of how we learn than so schema and modularity. Be sure to check out the comments at the end of the article for contrary viewpoints.

Dave Snowden responds using Hutchins-like language: “In practice I am using a distributed artifact, the blogosphere as a part of intelligence.”
A few additional articles to consider:
So, How Do REAL Neuronal Networks Compute?
Neural Network “Learning Rules”
…as well, this interesting discussion on Walt Whitman’s body/mind fusion – well before it’s time – based on point #10 of the above list: “we don’t have a body, we are a body”