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Formal and informal…control vs foster

It only makes sense that the growing space of user generated content should begin to clash more directly with the structured content creation models of formal studios. The greatest barrier to creating video and audio, until the last few years, was the costs associated with creating and distributing content. Today, with a few decent software programs, anyone with aspirations (talent is nice, but optional) can write, produce, and distribute a video, movie, or song. Amateur journalism has followed a similar path – formal newspapers augmented, not replaced, by blogs and user filtered news sites. The success of YouTube for distributing video has created a destabilizing environment for formal media networks. So, they’ve opted to create their own version of YouTube – primarily to distribute their own content (it doesn’t appear at this stage to allow user-created content). The clash between formal/informal, structured/unstructured, control/foster is playing itself out in music, journalism, software (see Can Office 2007 Prevail In A Web 2.0 World?), video, and, to varying degrees in education. I imagine we’ll eventually see a bit of a settling between both open source and proprietary, experts and amateurs. In the short term, however, the key word is disruption.