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More Twitter

I’m almost done with the Twitter thing (a tool to let the world know “what you’re doing right now”)…it fits in with the statement that in the instead of being famous for 15 minutes, today we are famous to 15 people.. It’s easy to dismiss twitter as a waste of time…or fad. But I think the issue is deeper. It’s about (as I’ve stated earlier) persistent presence – being hyper-connected to those few individuals who care about our activities on minute levels – close friends, family, children, etc. I have also heard of Twitter as a project management tool – for staying informed of project progress. On it’s simplest level, Twitter, and other tools that will be spawned as a result, are about relationships and presence. Sure it’s a time waster (on one level). But so are quick conversations in the hallway. But that is what makes us human to the small group of people we are closely connected with. Twitter may be a fad. The concepts that Titter reflects, however, are here for the long term.

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