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Building an Relationship Economy

A relationship is essentially a connection (with a bit more history and permanence than a casual connection (for example in the online world, when I read an article by an author it’s a casual connection…when I subscribe to an author’s blog feed it raises the potential of a relationship…and regular postings on the part of the author, combined with my reactions/reflections in my blog, helps to solidify the relationship)). Doc Searls tackles the question of relationships from the perspective of markets: Building an Relationship Economy: “What happens when you view markets through the prism of relationship?”


  1. jay deragon wrote:

    Get S.E.T. for change as the convergence of establsihed theories accelerate the dynamics which usher in the relationship economy.

    Sunday, August 5, 2007 at 6:16 am | Permalink
  2. Jay Deragonj wrote:

    I think the entire market relationshps are about to shift to users benefit.

    News Corp famous move in acquiring MySpace early in the social networking market is a superb case study of how social networks can produce economic
    returns for their owners. Rupert Murdoch reports that MySpace is “on track” to pull in $800M in 2008. Facebook, which has only started monetizing, is north of a $150M revenue run rate. Most of the revenue created for the network owners has been largely driven by advertising income generated from ad placements in their networks within user generated content areas. As previously reported many other brands are jumping into the social networking arena for fear of missing out on both the significant growth of the space and the additional revenue opportunities the mediums can bring them.

    On the other side of the coin are models where users actual generate economic return, in this case that would be Second Life, where more than 800 users spent over 1 million Linden dollars, or about $4,000 in one month, buying virtual property from others users. The models for user generated revenue are still early in there development however as the market further matures there are some interesting models being developed based on exchanges of products and services between users. Additionally there are developments for networks where users will actually share in the advertising revenue with the operators, thus motivating users to join and to populate the site with interesting content.

    Money attracts the masses: read the rest of the story at

    I’d really appreciate getting anyone’s perspective on the proposed model.

    What say you?

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