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The importance of creating a network

The word “network” has been abused. It means everything from “networking a room’ (an action), to building a learning network (a process and a product), to a home wireless network…and so on. All of life is a network. When the human genome project discovered that there were far fewer genes that anticipated – they expected 100,000 and discovered only 30,000…compare that with a roundworm with 19,000 genes. How can the extra 11,000 genes produce a human being instead of a worm? The answer appears to lie in the human genetic network – i.e. how genes are networked produces the human (see Eric Beinhocker, “The Origin of Wealth” p. 149 for more discussion). The network creates the species.
Ewan McIntosh explores the importance of creating a network: “In the end, knowing your network and harnessing it can mean the difference between getting what you want, getting it effectively and efficiently and, well, not. But knowing this network isn’t as easy as it sounds.”