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All things mobile

Mobile learning is the next big trend in learning and technology. Mobiles are more common than PCs (2 billion+ compared with 750 million). Developing countries are able to jump the hardwiring requirements of many developed countries, moving straight to wireless connectivity. Unfortunately, for all the hype of mobile learning, we aren’t doing it well. In fact, the conversation in this space is still minimal. Mostly we have people (like me) saying things like “it’s the next big thing”. Here are a few articles addressing (and proclaiming) our wireless future:

Future of the phone
: “One thing that is clear is that phones will pack a lot more computing power in future, and will be able to do more and more of the things that PCs are used for today—and more besides.”
Wireless World – extensive review of wireless technologies, m-commerce, trends in Chinese and European markets.
Carnival of the Mobilists:…resource summaries by Mobile Learning blog
mlearning tsunami: “The point I made today in the video conference was that m-learning is on its way, that its going to become its own force of nature and that we’re going to feel a lot of pressure to ride the wave.”