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The Form of Informal

Stephen tackles an important issue – drawing attention to the form of informal learning. It’s quite common to hear informal learning denounced as “at odds with a corporation’s desire for ROI” – largely due to perceptions of lack of structure. While there are many additional aspects of learning beyond corporate utlization, the bias against informal learning is strong in this space. The assumption appears to be “if I can’t measure it against my existing criteria, it doesn’t work”. That, in itself, says more about how we measure (our assessment models favor formal learning – driving a cycle of dependence on (and preservation of) each other – when and how do we break that cycle?) than it does about the act of learning itself. The Form of Informal: “The mere fact that the learner is not being directed by some teacher or educational institution does not entail that there can and must be no structure whatsoever. nobody equates ‘informal learning’ with ‘structure-free learning’.”