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Citizen Journalism

CBC announces a move toward citizen journalism: “Vancouver will also be the first CBC news bureau to pioneer “civic journalism,” in which citizens can upload video or images of news events to the CBC.
The CBC has yet to determine how it will vet and use images and information from its viewers and listeners.”
Well, it’s a start. Other news networks have taken a similar step as well. I’m not sure how successful those projects have been. I think part of the problem is that exisitng news agencies are not actually partnering with their viewers – they are asking viewers to to do their (the news agency’s) work for them. The notion of a participative space included participative democracy – i.e. let the viewers also vet the images, rather than only the news agency. The problem, in part, rests with control and power. People use Digg because their voices are not heard in other outlets. Traditional media organizations want to keep the best of the old system (control) and the best of the new system (participation from citizens). You can’t have both. It’s like asking for a democratic dictatorship.