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Intel and Web 2.0

In a presentation at U of Manitoba yesterday (audio and .ppt) on social technologies, I made the point that the current individual functions of blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networking, etc. will need to merge into suites before they will be widely adopted by educators and businesses. Personally, I wish it wasn’t so. I prefer to create my own suite of tools – the notion of connected specialization – each tool selected based on task required (with the added benefit of being able to extend my suite as new tools are released…whereas a vendor selected suite once again tends toward “lock in”).
However, in recent conversations with individuals beginning to adopt social software (or web 2.0 tools), the message is clear: “I’m not going to get students to set up 10 different accounts on 10 different tools – it won’t work”. I can respect that concern (though it’s really more about bringing different tools in at a measured pace). Intel is one of the first online with integrated suites of social software tools with SuiteTwo: “SuiteTwo is a rich set of interconnected services that combine to improve productivity and enable high-engagement marketing. SuiteTwo includes the most trusted platforms for blogs, wikis, RSS feed reading, and RSS feed management, all under a single management interface.” (Why management right away? I prefer the notion of fostering, not controlling, though for most IT, the appeal of a central management interface is strong).