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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is gaining momentum…broadband adoption and advances in technology make it much more attractive than the stamp-sized images, out-of-synch video audio, and poor image quality of first generation video. Business meetings, medical education (for doctors and nurses (or patients) in remote communities), and distributed education departments of colleges/univirsities are prime candidates for video conferencing. Prices, however, are currently insane. I still view mobile technologies as the most rapidly developing technology over the next few years…but video conferencing won’t be far behind as organizations see the value (video certainly has it’s roots well-established in the user-created space of YouTube and emerging video bloggers like Ze Frank…text and audio are great, but seeing people opens a different dimension)
Video Conferencing…it’s hot again: “Video conferencing has been long time coming, and has been marred by poor quality, and complexity. Proprietary nature of the video conferencing systems did not help either. But broadband removed the network bottleneck, and open standards, and communication protocols are making it easier for video conferencing to work in an optimal fashion.”